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Services Offered

Kun Wei experts assist you overcoming geographical, cultural and legal barriers and enable you managing your overseas business from home



  • Business Starting: incorporating a subsidiary, due diligence before buy-out, negotiation with local partners or distributors

  • Outsourced In-house Management: if you already have business in APEC region but don't want to hire a big local team, Kun Wei assist you in company governance, daily contract review, compliance and license application, IP portofolio management

  • Renting Expertise: if you already have staff covering legal & compliance matters in new territories but just need some local insights, we sort out specialized talents among our members and rent their expertises to you.

  • Kun Wei Academy: this includes (1) research on demands, (2) train your staff; or (3) if you are a banker, an asset manager or a lawyer from another jurisdiction and wish to expand your own expertise or develop career in Asia, attend our forthcoming training programs and workshops. 


If you invested into a private equity or a listed company significantly, but not holding a majority position, you would certainly hope to prevent majority shareholders from manipulating local rules and robbing your wallet.  Kun Wei retains talents who are very familiar with listing rules and general corporate governance in Hong Kong and China, and can monitor your invested company on your behalf: 


  • monitor announcement of public companies and identify clues of acting in concert

  • remind your duties in reporting buy-in or sell-out

  • representing/assisting you in general/board meetings 

  • due diligence in monitoring third party actions against your invested company

  • advising exiting strategy

Business Meeting
Business Meeting



  • License application/maintanence

  • Review contracts and marketing materials 

  • Brand protection and IP strategy

  • Cross-border data privacy compliance 

  • Choose litigators and manage their budgets

  • Tax strategy and asset risk control against geopolitical impacts 


It is always a headach for entrepreneurs in finding and managing correct external counsel, especially when they need to deal with overseas matters.  Also, asking correct questions to external advisors will significantly reduce costs and save time.  Before your business is large enough for hiring in-house talents in each of your targeted country, how can you do?  Look for someone you have personal connection in the country? But she might not be familiar with you industry or your targeted market at all. 

Don't risk your friendship with your local drinking friend and consume your luck. Instead, we trust professionalism and experience. We utilize our community member's professional network in the region to locate, interview and more importantly, manage local advisors.

IMPORTANT: Kun Wei works for you, and not for local agents/counsels. We represent you just like your in-house team and do not represent local firms. We watch out them, communicate with them with correct questions, and then save your energy and costs.

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If you are a marketing guru, a financial consultant, a tech geek or an enterpreneur or manager, and if you wish to enrich your knowledge in managing legal and compliance risks for your clients/employers, consider Kun Wei Academy. 

Instructors of Kun Wei Academy are alumni of prestigious institutions like Harvard, Columbia, UC Berkely, PKU, HKU, Tsinghua and Georgetown. More importantly, each of them already grasped more than 10 years working experiences in big firms, with their respective expertise.  

Classes are organized in the form of salon discussion and workshops, as well as webinars. Once you receive sufficient credits, you will be granted certificate, and will have a chance being recommended by Kun Wei Fellows to your dream companies, where the Fellows had worked with.  

Note: The 2020 Kun Wei Academy Program will start receiving applications in December 2019. Stay tuned.